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mahajana sampatha lottery results - dragcoeffea
nlb.lk info. NATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD Mahajana Sampatha- Rs:33,599,373.00 Govi Setha- Rs:21,639,383.20 Supiri Wasana Sampatha- Rs:14,513,191.20 Vasana Sampatha- Rs ...
Mahajana Sampatha - ::National Lotteries Board::
In 1970 Jathika Sampatha was renamed as Mahajana Sampatha. The price of the ticket was reduced from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 1/-. Mahajana Samatha was further developed to ...
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MENU 1. Lottery Board 2. Lottery Name 3. Latest Results 4. Search 5. Help 0. Exit Enter # or Keywords:” BOARD 10. National Lotteries Board 20 ...


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